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    New Gifts

    Tired of the same old present ideas? Check out IWOOT UK’s wide range of new gifts, providing all the latest in technology, homeware, toys, and more. These are the perfect choices for any occasion, so make sure that you purchase these goodies while they’re still available.
    Out With The Old
    As the years go by, we often see some very familiar presents being handed out. They are wrapped in paper, but when the big reveal happens, there’s no surprise. If you’re the recipient, you smile and offer thanks while feeling internally disappointed. And if you’re the giver, you accept said thanks while knowing that you should have done better.
    What can we do to change things up?
    Luckily for you, IWOOT is always prepared. We offer all the latest products, ensuring that each and every year is different. No matter the occasion — birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother's Day, and so on — there’s always something to find that they’ve never seen before. Start browsing today, and discover our exclusive deals.
    A Welcome Surprise
    Here you will find products suited to all your friends and family. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins — no matter their preferences, you can rest assured that we’ve got something to put a smile on their face.
    Do you know a certified technology guru? Treat them to some advanced gadgetry. There’s plenty to choose from, including alarm clocks, speakers, candy-floss makers, and so much more. From the practical to the recreational, our tech doesn’t miss a beat.
    Of course, not everybody enjoys fiddling with buttons and touch screens. Some people are happy with the basics. As such, you might consider our selection of homeware: kitchenware, cushions, blankets, and more.
    If you’re looking for something a little further away from home, our experience days are a great place to start. These cater to a variety of interests, coming in various forms (such as alcohol-tasting and fun sports activities).